Chinese Medicine Revisited


Where the Chinese tradition meets with Western thinking

Hamid Montakab

This book explores the fundamental theories of Chinese Medicine as seen by an MD, trained both in Western and oriental Medicines. The principals of the Chinese Medical thought and the various dialectical systems are explained and de-mystified. The physical and especially the energetic structure of the body, the channel systems, the notions of health and disease, the very original Chinese diagnostic system, are all explored and developed in a practical manner, with emphasis on constitutional and temperamental evaluations.

The last chapter in collaboration with various experts in their fields, offers an overview of not only the four pillars of Chinese therapy, acupuncture, herbs and diet, Tuina-massage and Qigong, but also other Chinese practices that have, over the years, been associated with health, such as Cultivation of the Mind, Astrology, Feng Shui and even the Yi Jing.

The book is very well referenced and documented and even additionally contains an extensive section on „Evidence based Acupuncture“.

By its thoroughness and simplicity, this book offers an excellent tool for the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner, and could even be recommended as an in-depth introduction for the lay-person.

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